Twas the Night After Christmas 

Farm-boy Style


Twas the day after Christmas and out in the shed
we'd nabbed us a city boy, skinny cows and a sled
we caught him last night with a bag full of loot,
he says Elvis makes toys (ha, ha)...boy what a hoot
I'd heard me some hoofin' that sounded quite foreign,
couldn't quite 'cipher it cuz my woman was a snorin'
I was layin on my bed just a scratchen my belly
when he fell through the roof and squashed my darn telly
He jumped up and said "merry Christmas ya-all!"
I jumped up and kicked his butt down the hall
The cows are a might skinny, a poor excuse for a beast
but that city boy looks tasty...lets have us a feast!! 

Misti jo