Racheal & The Easter Bunny

Ashton Eastman

It was the day before Easter, when strange things were happening.  A little girl named Racheal was always making fried eggs.  That was her favorite.  Today her fried eggs were different.  The eggs were turning different colors in the box.  Striped blue and purple.  Orange and black polka dots.  This is strange, thought Racheal.  This has never happened before, she said.  Racheal, said her little sister Carrie.  Easter Bunny come tomarrow.  No, said Racheal. There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, said Racheal with a scoul on her face.  No Easter Bunny, said Carrie.  Carrie go play with your toys, said Racheal cracking the egggs into a bowl. Racheal looked out the kitchen window.  She something run quickley through the yard.  Racheal couldn't make out what it was.  She lifted her eyebrow and walked outside.  Hmmm, that was funny.  It must just of been the neighbors dog, she said.  When Racheal turned around the strange thing ran again.  Racheal turned back around and starred.  She walked around the yard and suddenly. Something pulled her into he bushes.  Hello Racheal, said a furry bunny.  Racheal rubbed her eyes and looked again.  What color egg would you like, said The Easter Bunny holding out a big whicker basket.  There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, said Racheal.  I'm imagining you.  The Easter Bunny giggled.  Lots of people think they're imagining me.  But they're not. Racheal and the Bunny played and talked for awhile.  Racheal made a friend.  A very good friend too!