The Special Easter Basket

M. Miller

One day Shawn woke up and remembered that it was Easter.  He ran downstairs and looked everywhere for his basket, but he could not find it.  Then, he ran upstairs to his parents bedroom. Through his tears he finally got the whole story out to his parents. 

His parents were in shock. They got up, put their robes on, and went downstairs. He and his mom talked about it, while his dad made coffee for his wife and himself.  Then, she looked suspiciously around the house. 

"Well," said his mother, "we could always watch the parade then go to the park and find easter eggs with the church.  "Oh no, speaking of church, we've gotta get ready!" yelled his dad. 

After church they all watched the parade. The doorbell rang.  "Shawn why don't you get the door."  So, Shawn got the door, and to his suprise it was the Easter Bunny with his basket.  The bunny apoligized for being so late, but he couldn't decided what to put in the basket for such a special boy.