Annie's Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Jesus' Birth



1.      wisemen
2.      Jesus' earth father
3.      used as sacrifice when Jesus was 8 days old
4.      came bearing gifts
7.      saw angels praising God
10.    wisemen came from here
11.    only begotten
14.    birth place
15.    part of the lineage of Christ
21.    one of the spices brought to Jesus
23.    Why God sent Jesus
25.    reason we needed a Savior
26.    messenger
27.    born in this
30.    the star was a ______
31.    another father in the lineage of Christ
34.    told by God he would not die until he had seen Christ
35.    Christ' lineage goes back to him
36.    deliverer
37.    prophetess
38.    another name or title  for Jesus
39.    he was visited by an angel about the birth of his son


1.      Jesus was laid in this
2.      reason for Christmas
5.      mother
6.      home town
7.      appeared in the sky
8.      tried to kill Jesus
9.      Gabriel
10.    Joseph was told to flee to this place
12.    God with us
13.    Joseph from this tribe
16.    The mother of Jesus was to be this
17.    foretold Jesus' birth
18.    He came to provide this
19.    God's chosen
20.    reason for Joseph and Mary's trip to Bethlehem
22.    God so loved the _________
24.    shepherds were watching
28.    John was thought to be him
29.    annointed one
31.    cousin
32.    used in the sacrifice on the 8th day
33.    Father

In what year did Christmas and New Year's fall in the same year?



Puzzle Answers


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