1. They stayed in his stable.
3. Came from afar
4. After Jesus' birth, they were the only ones that an announcement was given to by the angels that we know of.
7. Came from the east.
10. He leaped when Jesus came in the room
11. He said he wanted to know where Jesus was so he could go worship him.
12. Father

2. They announed the birth of Jesus
4. His birthday
5. God promised him he would not die until he saw Christ.
6. Mary went to be with her after she became pregnant.
7. Called blessed by all generations
8. Was a prophetess who never left the temple, staying and worshiping God day and night.
9. Announed the conception of Jesus
10. Descendent of David
13. Mode of transportation
14. Was promised his line and his throne would continue forever.


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