Clues: Down
2. Hang them by the fireplace
4. He usually has a hat, scarf, carrot for a nose and buttons for eyes.
5. Bah Humbug!
6. Mary's husband.
8. Santa's making this, so you better be nice.
9. He stole Christmas.
10. The angel who told Mary she was going to have a baby.
12. Baby Jesus was wrapped in this
13. The little crippled boy in "A Christmas Carol"
15. Sang "Glory to God in the highest".
16. We decorate this at Christmas
21. We make a drink with milk, sugar, spices, and put these in it and drink it at Christmas time.
22. Someone saw their mommy kissing him.
24. We put this around Christmas presents.
25. Snowman
26. We send one of these to our friends at Christmas.
27. Mother of Jesus

Clues: Across
1. What kids leave for Santa
3. He lights up the sky so Santa can see.
7. Hang it up and people kiss under it.
11. Christmas is when we celebrate his birthday.
14. A Christmas flower
17. Where Santa lives
18. In a Christmas song, a little boy played this instrument for baby Jesus.
19. How Santa comes into our house.
20. The reindeer pull this
21. Santa's helpers
23. We sing these at Christmas time
28. She got run over by a reindeer.
29. Led the wisemen to baby Jesus.
30. We put these on top of our presents.
31. Jesus was born in one of these.


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